AirsspuTM Bluetooth Smart Watch

Getting a Smart Watch is great idea if you are looking for something even more convenient to carry that your phone! The AirsspuTM Bluetooth Smart Watch is definitely worth considering if you are thinking of trying out a smart watch for yourself, compatible with a wide range of smart phones including Android, Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and Iphone 6plus it is an excellent way to make sure you ever miss another notification again. The simple to use touch screen enables you to easily access all the watches useful functions and the comfortable, durable strap makes sure that it stays securely fastened to your wrist no matter what you are doing leaving your hands free to carry out other tasks.

Connecting the AirsspuTM Smart Watch to your device is really simple as the state of the art Bluetooth technology allows for automatic pairing when the two devises are tapped together so there are no complicated or time consuming procedures to carry out and the watch is also able to work alone as it has its own inbuilt micro sim as well. Allowing you to access all you vital information from your wrist this smart watch really helps you to stay organised and on top of your game no matter what you are doing.

Giving you the ability to view emails, sms, calendar and call notification along with information from your most used apps all from your wrist the AirsspuTM Bluetooth Smart Watch allows you to keep up to date with everything that is going on without you having to constantly check your phone, and with a whole host of other really useful feature such as pedometer, health management, sleep monitor, calendar and audio and video player it has many capabilities that you wouldn’t expect, so it can help you to manage your wellbeing as well as your working life.

The AirsspuTM Bluetooth Smart Watch is excellent value as every part of the product has been produced using the highest quality materials available, from the long lasting battery right down to the 2.5D radian glass touch screen and the aluminium alloy base and if you want to make you watch a little more unique you can also download a personalisation app so you can make sure that it reflects your individual personality, you can also take advantage of the anti lost function so you can be sure that both devices are always in range of each other.

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